Please note if you do join: Despite looks, we're more art spergs than tech spergs. Whatever opinions you happen to have on anti-consumerist decentralized hyperencrypted blockchain cryptofascist cryptocurrency Gentoo voodoo, kindly check them at the door. Cute animal photos are recommended in their place. (Yes, this has happened enough to warrant a notice.)

Do you fancy talking to the Somnolians, live? Thanks to recent developments, Somnolescent now maintains a public IRC room on SlashNET in #somnol. We'd love to have you in it.

If you've never used IRC, it's a very very old, lightweight chat protocol that still sees some use among the wokes and the developers. (xkcd is a major player among the SlashNET communities, as is MetaFilter.) You'll need a client to connect; there's numerous for just about every platform, so you can try multiple until you find one that suits your preferences. Cammy and Caby use AdiIRC, which is ultra-customizable, dcb self-hosts an instance of The Lounge, mon uses Thunderbird of all things, and borb uses HexChat because she Googled "irc client" and grabbed whatever popped up. This is by no means exhaustive.

After you've downloaded one and picked your nickname, connect to one of SlashNET's servers. The closest one to you will get you the best latency. If you don't care that much, will work.

  • (Random server)
  • (Random IPv6 server)
  • (Kansas, United States)
  • (California, United States)
  • (London, United Kingdom)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • (Frankfurt, Germany)

Then type /join #somnol to join the room. SlashNET also uses NickServ in case you'd like to register your username and keep it safe from anyone else using it. It's been good to us.

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