Ever heard of Gopher? It's this funny little protocol for downloading files that goes back almost 30 years—and Somnolescent maintains its very own Gopher server to keep the dream of highly structured information retrieval alive. Our Gopher server features menus for many of our projects, finished work in one central location and exclusive outtakes and sketches that just don't fit anywhere else. Our server's found at:

gopher.somnolescent.net (direct link)

Most web browsers these days have no Gopher access, so you'll need a client that can get you there. Modern browsers that have Gopher support include Lynx, Omniweb, Dooble, and Pale Moon with the OverbiteFF extension. If you desire a standalone client, Gophie's a slick, no-setup solution. (This list is not exhaustive—there are many, many other options out there.)

Of course, if you hate fun and don't want to install anything, you can just use a web proxy in your normal browser. We recommend Gopherlens, our in-house proxy. Many also swear by Floodgap's proxy, and it's a solid choice as well. (But no really, get a real client.)

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