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Somnolescent loves a good handmade site to browse! Here's some we're fond of, either ones our friends made or ones we found out in the wilderness one day and kept the link for. No particular order! (If you're on here, look out for an award coming your way soon!)

  • Cramble's Domain (Caby's brother!)
  • AntiKrist (shrines to Spyro, The X-Files, Ares, plenty else, and many links to other handmade sites)
  • Cloverbell (warm, natural-styled art + photos)
  • Victorian Cyborg (Remember the original Petz games? You'll love this then)
  • Exit Wound (poetry and music)
  • nick99nack (a nice CD collection and a nice computer collection)
  • vegetablearian (mods and fanfic for Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, all that good stuff)

Keep checking back for more sites! This is just a small handful as we gather up links and things.