Back to the index! What's Somnolescent? The Somnolians wandering off into the distance together

Somnolescent is a group of artsy doofs all over the world with a love and fascination for all those weird things no one pays much attention to. They draw, write, tinker, and make neat web pages about everything from Bryce3D to guinea pigs, but usually, they're on Furcadia.

In case you were curious...

Quick answers to common questions, as illustrated by our slerrets!

Sleepy slerret
What does "Somnolescent" mean?
It's a big pretentious word that means you're sleepy. Somnolians (those in the group) tend to sleep rather poorly, though we don't encourage that...
That said, we like the peaceful vibe of the half hour or so before you head to bed, so that's what we try to cultivate.
Reading slerret
When did Somnolescent get started?
Officially, our birthday is December 20, 2018. The name and bulb have existed since Cammy was in middle school in 2012 or so, though.
Patriotic slerret
Why the half-bulb logo?
It's easy to draw and memorable. Is the bulb out? Is it on? It is both.
Creative slerret
Who are the fluffy lads on the front page?
Our characters! We all contributed a bunch. Keep refreshing and you'll get new ones!
Slerret slerret
What are slerrets, and why are they over the site?
Slug ferrets! They glow like our bulb and leave trails of glowing stuff wherever they wander...
Chatty slerret
Where can I talk to you guys?
At the moment, there's nowhere you can talk to us all at once, but we love getting email! mariteaux, caby, dotcomboom, fwd, and jake all work. Other contact info and profiles can be found on our sites or on our Somnolian profiles.