Say, do you like Minecraft? How would you like to come build something lovely and perhaps flat out absurd with us? Well, I mean, if you want to, you gotta be friends with us first. I'd say IRC is a good place to try your hand, but don't count on it...

Off on an adventure, we are...

Still, even if you're our mortal enemy, we'll happily show off our work! Somnolescent runs two 24/7 Minecraft servers at the moment, an SMP server running Beta 1.7.3, and a CMP server running r1.8.9. (We don't talk about any of this "Java Edition" nonsense.) They're still fairly nascent, so don't mind any of the loose ends in the stills. Oh, and speaking of those!


Yes, you spawn inside a giant glass block with the bulb overlooking you Cramble built a floating computer with instructions and everything :blobsweats: Caby built this neat floating castle, as Welsh girls tend to do >w>


Spawn, plus my house, plus borb's house, plus Cramble's house, plus the storage area... Visit the Great Cornholio (or, perhaps, the Greater Horncolio that starts at bedrock) One end of the Betacraft village, with dcb's house and the greenhouse visible
Somnolescent Bulb
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