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borb (carrot)

Considered to be the Second Somnolian. Destined to mix anime and dinosaurs and kill the planet. Vagina is speculated to be an Elinar backpack. Will shame you about your soggy face titties. Max complex. Please keep your distance.



Welsh hippie rodent scribbler and comfy bastard. Illustrated this entire site. Might as well be a mother of three. Mildly obsessed with the 70s. Has the calves of a god. Owns Cammy~


Cammy (mariteaux)

Cult leader and Original Somnolian. Belongs to Caby. Noisy narrator, writes constantly, eats anime fans on the regular. Wanted by Floodgap for terrorism. Last seen dizzily stumbling out of a supply closet with RoboCop.


dcb (dotcomboom)

Software developer and hobbyist photographer. Inhabiting four separate realities at once and eternally festive in half. MC Woke and the Gentoo Kids superfan (or maybe just shoegaze). No hablo taco.



Classic Mac enthusiast and not a photographer. Drinks buckets of the Life Elixir known as Tab™ and chases it with red hot gum. Last seen shoplifting Pocky sticks from a Target. Supposedly, ostensibly, most likely not a goat.

Somnolescent Bulb
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